Union County department heads get flat 3 percent salary increase

Posted January 4, 2013 at 4:23 pm

by Julie Ann Madden

No extra salary increases for Union County department heads.

That was the unanimous decision of the Union County Commissioners at their Dec. 27 meeting.

The Commissioners unanimously approved giving department heads a 3 percent salary increase and the Commissioners a 1.5 percent salary increase.

When The Akron Hometowner asked Commission Chairman Doyle Karpen why he recommended only a 3 percent raise for department heads, he just shrugged his shoulders, said “Look at the budget — that’s what was budgeted for,” and refused to comment further.

At their Dec. 11 meeting, the Commissioners unanimously approved giving a unique salary increase. Department heads were given $700 for each full-time employee and $350 for each part-time employee they had in their departments. Then department heads had the responsibility to take this lump sum and divide it amongst their employees as they saw fit. Commissioners hoped this was divvied up according to the job evaluations department heads conducted on each of their employees earlier in the year.

Although it wasn’t specifically said at this meeting, this was above and beyond an across-the-board 3 percent salary increase for all employees except department heads and commissioners. According to Union County Auditor Carol Klumper, commissioners had agreed to give the across-the-board 3 percent raise at this time, too.

Most county department heads had already submitted their plans to increase individual employees’ salaries by the Dec. 27 meeting. However, there were still a few commissioners had to clarify.

County Nurse Staff

Klumper hadn’t received word from County’s Public Health Nurse Lisa McInerney about salary changes for part-time office assistant Rumi Weigel. The 3 percent increase was given but as to whether McInerney was giving her the $350 additional salary increase was not known yet.

New Dispatchers’ Salaries

Sheriff Dan Limoges explained their starting wage would be $12.14 per hour with the 3 percent increase. If the two new dispatchers complete a successful six-month probation period, he was planning to give each the $700 additional increase.

The two new dispatchers are currently working at the Beresford Communications Center.

When it was explained that by holding the $700 increases until July 1, he still had $700 he could divvy up among other employees, Limoges left the meeting briefly and returned with salary changes for other employees.

However, none of the department heads divulged at the meeting which employees nor how much was given to boost individuals’ salaries.

Klumper publishes county employees’ salaries each January.

Weed Board Salaries

The commission went into executive session to discuss the 2013 salaries for the Weed Department’s Board and employees but no decision was announced afterward.

States Attorney’s Office

Union County States Attorney Jerry Miller told commissioners he did not take $350 for any of the contracted part-time nursing positions. He said although they had requested salary increases, they are paid $45 per blood draw they do and that is still the amount paid in the region.

Veterans Service Officer Salary

The commission’s consensus was to keep the veteran’s service officer’s salary at $12,000 annually and to pay replacements $150 per day — the same as it was in 2012.

They interviewed three applicants for the vacancy created by the resignation of VSO Ron Jenkins. After executive session, they did not take any action to fill the position.

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