Brady ends bid for bar at Garryowen location

Posted January 4, 2013 at 4:25 pm

by Julie Ann Madden

There will be no bar or restaurant built just west of Spink near Interstate 29 Exit 31 on the former Garryowen Catholic church property by Exit 31 LLC.

In November, Exit 31 LLC owner Shaun Brady of Vermillion, S.D., had met with Union County Commissioners regarding renewal of his liquor license.

At that time, he learned his Conditional Use Permit to operate a bar/restaurant at that location had expired Dec. 31, 2011. The permit was for the construction of a bar/restaurant at the Garryowen church property, not to use the church facility.

In addition, he was in violation of state codes regarding the operation of such an establishment in the Garryowen church facility, which he had done for at least 90 days in 2012 in order to keep his liquor license.

Commissioners had given Brady until Dec. 27, which was their next meeting, to reapply for a Conditional Use Permit, which included submitting a business plan for a bar/restaurant he wanted to operate there.

Brady was to have presented his plans and Conditional Use Permit application to the Union County Board of Adjustment, which is the Planning & Zoning Board members wearing a different hat, at their Dec. 20 meeting.

Union County Planning Director Dennis Henze, who is the board’s secretary, began the meeting saying Brady had called and was not going to submit a Conditional Use Permit application.

Liz Merrigan of rural Burbank, S.D., who lives near the proposed bar site, presented a letter to both the Planning & Zoning Board and the Commissioners opposing the project. She also attended the Planning & Zoning Board meeting. In addition, Doug Maurstad of rural Alcester, S.D., also was present to oppose the project.

Henze noted a Conditional Use Permit could be submitted at any time on the property as it is zoned commercial.

Because Brady did not submit an application, the Planning & Zoning Board didn’t convene as the Board of Adjustment.

Their only business the Planning & Zoning Board had on their agenda was to approve their meeting agenda and the minutes of their last meeting, which was held Nov. 6, 2012.

Only four of the five board members were present, and the votes were unanimous with Board Member Steve Rommereim absent.

After the meeting, The Akron Hometowner asked Board Chairman Bob James if he or Rommereim would be stepping down from the board as both live in District No. 5 due to U.S. Census voter redistricting. James responded he planned to continue serving on the board.

There is still a vacancy on the board due to Board Member Dan Fullenkamp moving from Commissioner Doyle Karpen’s District No. 2 to Commissioner Marvin Schempp’s District No. 4. Board members will be appointed at the Jan. 8 Commission meeting.

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