Warm up between the covers of some great books this winter!

Posted January 9, 2013 at 5:13 pm

Akron Public Library’s Winter Adult Reading Program offers prizes, and ways to beat the chill.

You don’t need to know how to make a bed — or even read a book — to be well on your way to winning prizes in this winter’s “Between the Covers” adult reading program.

Participants are already signing up for their personal “bed frame,” to which they will add additional bedding, including a mattress, sheets, blanket, quilt, and pillow as they meet various challenges.

“We already have 14 signed up,” said Jeannie Frerichs, Akron Public Library director. “We’re excited to give away prizes!”

“We start with a “bed frame,” said Frerichs, “then we add bedding for each book read or listened to on CD, as well as every six magazines read or six movies watched. There are also challenges to warm up brains as well.”

“Once you have your bed completely made, you win a prize,” she said. “You can make as many as three beds if you wish!”

Just stop by the Akron Public Library, 350 Reed St., and sign up to begin participating in this Winter Adult Reading Program.

For more information, contact Frerichs or the other librarians by calling 712-568-2601.

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