AWEA asks for 5.91 percent increase

Posted January 16, 2013 at 5:59 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

Akron-Westfield Education Association negotiators presented their initial 2013-2014 salary Master Contract proposal to Shared Superintendent Randy Collins and Grades 7-12 Principal Derek Briggs.

“A master contract ensuring fairness in treatment with a competitive compensation package both attracts and retains the highest caliber teacher for our school district and its students,” said AWEA Negotiating Team spokesperson Pam Von Hagel, explaining it was an overall 5.91 percent salary package increase, which included an estimated 5.5 percent insurance cost increase and lane, FICA and IPERS increases.

“The Association is asking for benefits increase and for language changes to help clarify specific parts of the Master Contract,” said Von Hagel. “We are also including language regarding Peer Review and Collaboration Time as required by law.”

Proposed changes are:

• Leaves of Absence: Eliminate: “No personal leaves shall be granted for the day immediately preceding or the day immediately following a holiday, or for the day immediately preceding the commencement of vacation or the day following the end of a vacation period, except in cases of emergency.”

• Seniority: Change seniority determination to: “Seniority shall mean the total number of years that the employee has taught in the Akron, Westfield and/or Akron-Westfield School District (the years do not have to be consecutive.)”

• Work Day: Change wording to: “The administration shall develop a duty-free lunch period of at least 25 minutes.”

• Salaries: Schedule A: The salary increase is $2,379.61 per Full-Time Employee with the final hiring schedule base being $29,450.15.

In addition to licensed teachers, the school nurses and technology director’s salaries will also increase by this amount.

• Teacher education lane changes will increase by $60.

• Supplemental Schedule Salaries: Schedule B, which is for coaches and sponsors, will increase 5.75 percent, ranging from $913 to $5,180 depending on the experience level and years in position.

• It was noted new hires will receive salary plus appropriate Teacher Salary Supplement (TSS) monies.

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