Question of the Week

Posted January 24, 2013 at 6:00 am

by: Chet Willer

student reporter

This week’s question of the week was, “What is your favorite thing about high school and why”?

Wyatt Heyl, a freshman, answered, “The freedom that we are given that was not allowed in middle school.”

Kane Lininger, a freshman, answered, “My classmates are more mature then middle school.”

Michael Siebens, a sophomore, answered, “The Seniors are the best ever.”

Hannah Zahner, a freshman, answered, “Extra-curricular activities.”

Brendan Moore, a freshman, answered, “Choir”

Brie Moffatt, a sophomore, answered, “Being a water girl with Sydney Pride, and the football season.”

Jackson Gereau, a freshman, answered, “The independence you are given.”

Damien Doescher, a sophomore, answered, “Being with friends.”

Tommy Toben, a freshman answered, “Being able to choose some of your classes.”

Mrs. Laurie Liebetrau, Study Hall Monitor, answered, “Being in chorus.”

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