Rockets dominate Westerners

Posted January 24, 2013 at 6:00 am

by Steve Peterson

The Westerners could not put forth much of a basketball challenge against one of the War Eagle Conference leaders as Remsen Union’s Rockets paid a visit Jan. 15.

The Rockets zoomed to a 69-35 win over Akron-Westfield, which was coming off its first win of the season at Westwood Sloan, 37-33, on Jan. 12.

Chance Hoffman scored 11 points to lead A-W against the Remsen Union’s Rockets. Nathan Sanchez, Caleb Colt and Kevin Carlson had five points each.

Remsen Union had 23 points from senior Andrew Hagert and 18 from classmate Scott Schroeder as it improved to 12-2 overall record.

A-W had a 1-12 overall record after the loss.

“They shot the ball well and hurt us with the rebounds. We did not box out well. We did a better job against their press when we played them earlier. We played them tough for about a quarter-and-a-half but once things started to go bad, they kept going bad. They’re 12-2 and have six seniors and good quickness,” said A-W Coach Jon Harris.

A-W statistics

Jacob Neubrand: 0-of-2 all field goal attempts, 0-of-1 three-point field goal attempts, 2 assists.

Hoffman: 11 points, 4-of-10 all field goal attempts, 1-of-2 three-point field goal attempts, 2-of-4 free throw attempts, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals.

Sanchez: 5 points, 2-of-6 all field goal attempts, 0-of-1 three-point field goal attempt, 1-of-2 free throw attempts, 2 rebounds, 1 steal.

Colt: 5 points, 2-of-6 all field goal attempts, 1-of-4 three-point field goal attempts, 1 rebound, 1 assist, 1 steal, 1 blocked shot.

Carlson: 5 points, 2-of-2 all field goal attempts, 1-of-4 free throw attempts, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals.

Tavian Banks: 3 points, 1-of-5 all field goal attempts, 1-of-1 three-point field goal attempt, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal.

Joel Brenner: 2 points, 1-of-4 all field goal attempts, 0-of-1 three-point field goal attempt, 4 rebounds.

Kyle Schroeder: 4 points, 4-of-6 free throw attempts, 4 rebounds, 1 assist.

Alex Foley: 0-of-1 all field goal attempt, 1 steal.

Season Statistics

The A-W boys’ season statistics before the Rockets’ game were as follows:

Hoffman as the leading scorer with 80 total points, 6.7 points per game. He made 32-of-108 all field goal attempts, 29.6 percent; 4-of-23 three-point shots, 17.4 percent, 12-of-42 free throw attempts, 28.6 percent. He also led in rebounds with 78 and assists with 20 and had 10 blocked shots to lead the team.

Banks was the second-leading scorer with 78 points, 6.5 ppg., on 26-of-86 all field goal attempts, 30.2 percent, 8-of-30 three-point field goal tries, 36.7 percent, 18-of-33 free throw attempts, 54.5 percent, 39 rebounds, 11 assists, 15 steals.

Sanchez scored 70 points, 5.8 ppg., on 27-of-94 all field goal attempts, 28.7 percent, 7-of-28 three-point field goal attempts, 25 percent, 9-of-27 free throws, 33 percent, 21 rebounds, 11 assists, 26 steals to lead the team.

Carlson had scored 49 points, 4.1 ppg., on 19-of-45 all field goal attempts, 42.2 percent and one missed three-point shot; 11-of-23 free throws, 47.8 percent, 39 rebounds, 11 assists, 15 steals.

Brenner had 34 points, 2.8 ppg., on 13-of-47 all field goal attempts, 27.7 percent; 1-of-7 three-point field goal tries, 1.3 percent, 7 of 19 free throws, 36.8 percent.

The Westerners had 407 points, 33.9 points per game, on 153-of-519 all field goal attempts, 29.5 percent, 25-of-126 three point field goal attempts, 19.8 percent, 76-of-196 free throw attempts, 38.8 percent, 286 total rebounds, 79 assists, 107 steals and 23 blocked shots.

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