WSEA presents initial bid for 5.8 percent hike

Posted January 24, 2013 at 6:00 am

by Steve Peterson

West Sioux Education Association representatives presented the West Sioux School Board with its initial proposal at a special school board meeting Jan. 15.

“The salary schedule will be modified to reflect a 5.8 percent total package increase,” according to the document.

Teacher Larry Gregg made the presentation. School Board President Susan Sharpe was present to accept it.

“The school board has two weeks to respond,” said Shared Superintendent Randy Collins.

Changes and additions from the present teachers contract are:

“Sick leave: West Sioux teachers shall be allowed 30 sick leave days each year (old contract was 15), until the maximum of 105 days is accumulated.

“Add: Sick leave pool days are intended to be used to supplement employee’s available sick leave days in case of employee illness or injury, doctor appointments, or for the care of a family member.”

Regarding insurance, an additional clause: “Employees may decline the District sponsored major medical insurance by providing proof of insurance. The full amount of the district-provided insurance fund may be applied to other available insurance or annuity options.”

An added section will be Collaboration.

“Teachers will participate in at least 36 hours annually of teacher driven collaboration time to deliver educational programs and assess student learning.

“Designated professional development (as long as practitioner collaboration is a substantial component of this professional development) shall count toward the requirement.

“Individual educator preparation time shall not count as collaboration time.

“Any additional teacher time required beyond contracted work hours should be compensated by the employer at the employee’s pier diem wage.

“Peer review is a process where two or more professional colleagues work together to increase student learning on an informal, collaborative basis that is focused on assisting each peer group member in achieving the goals of the teacher’s individual professional development plan.

“The first and second year of review shall be by a peer group of teachers for teachers subject to annual reviews in 284.98, Code of Iowa. The process will be determined by the peer group of teachers. The parties agree to the following: reviews shall be professional, confidential, supportive and non-competitive; the teacher being reviewed shall have exclusive right to all documentation; peer group reviews shall not be the basis for recommending that a teacher participate in an intensive assistance program, and shall not be used to determine the compensation, promotion, layoff, or termination of a teacher, or any other determination affecting a teacher’s employment status.

“A teacher shall receive adequate training prior to conducting a peer review. All teachers shall be provided release time for training. Teachers shall self select their peer reviewer or group of peer reviewers on an annual basis. Release time shall be provided for participation in the process. In the event employees are asked to work beyond the work hours defined by the collective bargaining agreement, employees shall be paid at their per diem rate,” the West Sioux Education Association proposal stated.

No school board public response time was set as of Jan. 18. After the public school board session is held, the process will be in closed session.

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