Branstad/Reynolds Administration announce completion of statewide housing study

Posted January 29, 2013 at 7:46 pm

Regional Housing Data Available

The Branstad/Reynolds Administration recently announced the completion of a comprehensive statewide housing study, which includes an analysis of Iowa’s current housing stock and the results of public forums on housing needs.

The study also includes detailed regional housing conditions and demographic trends for use by local housing and planning officials. The study was commissioned by the Iowa Finance Authority and completed by RDG Planning & Design and Gruen Gruen + Associates. The full study is available at

“The ability to have current regional housing data and trends in the hands of housing professionals at both the state and local level will be invaluable as we examine how we can best work together to most effectively address housing needs throughout the state,” said Governor Branstad.

The study details the most critical housing priorities over the next five years as workforce housing, affordable senior housing, accommodating preferences of elderly to age in place and the preservation of affordable multifamily units.

Several positive housing trends are also highlighted in the study including:

• Iowa's housing stock remains more affordable than most other states and regions of the country.

• Iowa’s homeownership rate remains approximately six percentage points higher than that of the rest of the country.

• The rate of foreclosure in Iowa continues to be considerably lower than many other states.

• Workforce households and housing demand growth is expected to be strong over the next several years.

“A home is at the heart of every Iowa family, and by planning today for the housing needs of tomorrow we are taking the steps to ensuring that every Iowa family can have access to an affordable, safe home for many generations to come,” said Lt. Governor Reynolds.

“It’s no secret that Iowa’s demographics have changed significantly over the past ten years,” said Iowa Finance Authority Executive Director Dave Jamison. “This updated demographic and housing data will allow us to best address the needs of affordable housing throughout the state over the next several years.”

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