Opportunities offered through NRCS

Posted January 30, 2013 at 6:00 am

What tool in your tool box on the farm can make your ground more drought tolerant? Do you have a piece of equipment that can scavenge the unused nutrients in your crop fields and reduce your fertilizer bill? Have you found the soil remedy that will increase soil tilthe, increase yields, conserve soil moisture, and prevent soil erosion? If there was a practice or set of practices that could help in all of those things would you look into it?

Did you know that planting a fall cover crop can accomplish all of these things? Research has shown that cover crops scavenge nutrients from crop fields and keep them in your fields for your corn or soybeans to use. They can reduce soil compaction, stop erosion, improve soil tilth and reduce fertilizer costs.

This is just one of the practices that the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), offers cost share to help farmers improve their land. The NRCS offers substantial cost share and technical services to agricultural producers who would like to improve their farming operations. Terrace construction, nutrient management, no till, low pressure irrigation conversion, animal confinement facilities, water impoundments, and erosion control structures are some of the other common practices that the NRCS offers assistance with.

If you are interested in technical assistance or cost share opportunities on your farming of ranching operation in Union county, call the Elk Point NRCS office at (605)-356-3308 ext. 3, or stop by the office at 1101 East main.

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