Bye-Bye to Akron’s logo

Posted January 31, 2013 at 6:00 am

City Logo-No Background.psd

By Julie Ann Madden

Akron city officials are planning to create a new logo and “brand” for the City of Akron, according to City Clerk Nicolle DeRocher who made the presentation at the council’s Jan. 22 meeting.

It’s part of city officials getting entrance signs for the town — something that has been in the works since Street Vibrations was started nearly a decade ago.

DeRocher and Public Works Director Gary Horton are working with a company which makes community entrance signs and designs logos and brands for municipalities.

The company will provide a variety of logo and branding options, then city officials select one. The company creates the signs, incorporating the logo into the artwork, and city officials not only purchase the signs but buy the rights to the logo design.

The City of Akron has received a $2,000 grant from Heartland Consumers Power District, said Horton, adding they are seeking more grant funding.

Furthermore, DeRocher is still working with Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Council (SIMPCO) on Akron’s Marketing Plan. It has been delayed to not on hers but the SIMPCO employee’s maternity leave.

Akron’s current logo (above) “All Trails Lead to Akron: Peaceful Valley of Opportunity” with the Westerner mascot has been the town’s logo since about 2005.

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