Senior Spotlight

Posted February 7, 2013 at 6:00 am


Kristen Foley

by: Carla Robinson

student reporter

Kristen Foley, daughter of David and Barb Foley, was born November 29, 1994.

Kristen has two younger brothers, Ryan and Jacob.

Kristen is sometimes called Kit-Kat by her friends.

Kristen’s favorite sport to participate in is cheerleading.

“Kit-Kat’s” favorite movie is Pitch Perfect; her favorite musicians are Eric Church, Taylor Swift, and The Band Perry, and her favorite saying is “Wooow.”

When Kristen was younger, she imagined herself as a veterinarian.

In Kristen’s life, the person who has inspired her the most is her Grandma Foley because she helped her to learn new things and taught her to never give up.

Kristen’s most memorable moment is when she made the cheerleading squad and then being made captain for two years.

Kristen is currently employed at Lucy Colt’s daycare.

Kristen’s favorite pastimes are hanging out with friends and exploring outdoors.

Kristen’s favorite childhood memory is going to Missouri with her mom’s side of the family. They went fishing and hunting for salamanders.

Kristen’s most embaressing moment is when she walked outside during 4-H State Conference with hundreds of other people and realized that her shirt was on backwards and inside out.

“Kit-Kat’s” greatest achievements are going to State speech, having a 4-H project go to the State Fair, and becoming a cheer captain.

While in high school, Kristen has been involved in cheerleading, choir, and speech.

If Kristen could give any advice to underclassmen, it would be to be involved in as many activities as you can and have fun.

What “Kit-Kat” likes most about high school is being involved in activities.

Kristen does not have a favorite excuse for not turning in her homework in on time or for being tardy because she turns her homework in on time and is not late for class.

Kristen’s biggest regret about high school is not getting to take the classes that she wanted to take.

While in high school, Kristen’s favorite class has been Animal Science with Mr. Randy Kroksh because he is an awesome teacher and she likes animals.

After high school, Kristen plans to got to college and study Culinary Arts.

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