Commissioners approve Extension agreement

Posted February 14, 2013 at 6:00 am

by Julie Ann Madden

Union County Commissioners unanimously approved entering into an agreement with South Dakota State University Extension to continue operating an Extension Office in the courthouse.

This is the second year Commissioners have had a “Memorandum of Understanding” which outlines what the state is responsible for and what the county must pay to have a half-time 4-H Youth Program Advisor, who is Rachel Bonine, and office administrative support, who is Janet Lingle.

According to the Memorandum, the state will pay salary support for one part-time (50 percent) 4-H Youth Program advisor to work in Union County, and Union County officials agree to furnish an office suitable to all parties of the Memorandum.

In addition, Union County will provide sufficient funds for “qualified office administrative support, 4-H advisor’s travel expenses, office supplies and equipment, postage, demonstration and educational supplies, telephone/internet and related charges and computer/related equipment, subject to the county’s budgetary authority.

The Commissioners also agree to reimburse the 4-H advisor for her official use of her personal vehicle, meals and lodging on official business away from the county headquarters at rates and policies equal to or above state rates. The advisor will travel within the county to serve clientele and conduct educational programming as well as participate in some out-of-county activities related to her county duties that the county will reimburse her travel expenses. For her professional development training/duties outside the county, the state will provide travel reimbursement.

“From the state’s end, nothing too much has changed,” Bonine told the commissioners at their Dec. 27 meeting. “It’s basically the same (contract as last year’s).”

Commissioner Milton Ustad made the motion to approve the second reading of the Memorandum and Commissioner Marvin Schempp seconded it. The vote was unanimous, 5-0.

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