Middle School girls basketball plays well against West Sioux and MMC

Posted February 21, 2013 at 6:00 am

By: Chet Willer

student reporter

The Akron Westfield Middle School girls basketball teams played two games in one week vs West Sioux and MMC.

The eighth grade team defeated the West Sioux Falcons by a score of 41-22.

Leading the way for the Westerners were Danika Tindall with six steals, Bailey Davis with seven rebounds, and Ann Hedlund with 22 points.

The seventh grade team was defeated by West Sioux by a score of 30-12.

Leading the way for the Westerners were Courtney Waterbury with nine rebounds and Brynn VanEldik with seven steals.

Later in the week both teams gathered wins against MMC as the eighth grade won by a score of 38-19 and the seventh grade by a score of 26-15.

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