Senior Spotlight

Posted February 21, 2013 at 6:00 am

KJ as BATMAN.psd

Kyle Schroeder

by: Carla Robinson

student reporter

Kyle Schroeder, son of Tom and Jill Schroeder, was born March 9, 1994, in Sioux City.

Kyle has two brothers, his older brother Joel, and his younger brother Cameron, as well as a younger sister, Sarah.

Kyle is sometimes called KJ by his friends.

Kyle’s favorite sport is football, his favorite movie is any movie in the Batman Triology, and his favorite musicians are Green Day, Foo Fighters, and Yellowcard.

When Kyle was younger, he imagined himself as Batman.

“KJ’s” most memorable moment hasn’t happened yet.

Kyle’s favorite pastimes are playing the guitar and hanging out with friends.

“KJ’s” favorite childhood memory is going to his Grandma’s daycare.

While in high school, Kyle has been involved in sports, music, and drama.

If Kyle could give any advice to underclassmen, it would be to get involved; don’t be afraid of trying new things.

What “KJ” likes the most about high school is being involved in so many activities and being with great people in his activities.

Kyle’s favorite excuse for not turning homework in on time is being honest. His favorite excuse for being tardy is, “I had a case of the Schroeder’s.” After which, no more questions are asked.

Kyle has no regrets about high school.

While in high school, Kyle’s favorite class has been choir, especially jazz choir.

After high school, Kyle plans to attend a four year college.

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