Supervisors tweak subdivision procedure

Posted February 27, 2013 at 10:19 pm

by Steve Peterson

Plymouth County supervisors discussed procedures regarding approval of minor subdivision plats.

The plats will have to have the recommendation and signature of Plymouth County Zoning Officer Alan Lucken.

“It’s the way we used to do it in the past,” said Supervisor Don Kass.

The vote was 4-0 in favor of adding the recommendation letter.

One subdivision, Half Moon, which was approved in Westfield Township will have to be reconsidered due to a frontage error, said Lucken.

In other county business:

• Supervisors held a canvassing of the Feb. 5 vote for the Remsen Union School Board and Western Iowa Tech Community College (WITCC) Special Elections. Total county voter turnout was 1.3 percent. Remsen Union Community School will be billed $332.13 for expenses of the election, and WITCC will be billed $1,229. Both measures were approved by voters.

• In committee reports, Supervisor Craig Anderson gave an update on Floyd Valley Hospital of Le Mars’ plans for expansion and fundraising. It was noted organizers may ask for county Local Option Sales Tax (LOST)Funds.

• Supervisor Jim Henrich gave a report on the Statewide Supervisors’ Conference. Main issues included property tax, education funding, a gas tax 1-cent increase for a $23 million more in road work, and Mental Health services reform.

• Noted that Mid-Sioux Opportunity is performing a needs study electronically.

• County Engineer Tom Rohe informed the supervisors of needs of right-of-way land and work area space for some bridge replacement work.

A Fawn Avenue bridge replacement, near Iowa Highway 3, will be federally funded as well as a bridge replacement at 160th Street near Le Mars.

One locally-funded bridge replacement project will be at 120th Street east of County Road K-18 North of Akron near Iowa Highway 12. Another will be a replacement on 130th Street east of County Road K-22.

• Plymouth County supervisors approved 2012 salaries and wages payable to Plymouth County employees at their Feb. 12 meeting. The total salary was $3,236,280; regular $1,820,531; overtime $39,590; double time $10,580; alternate pay, $10,290; other earnings, $10,290; earnings no IPERS, $27.744.

• Supervisors continued discussion for the Fiscal Year 2013-2014 budget. The budget was approved for publication this week by a 4-0 supervisors’ vote.

According to the budget estimate legal notice, the total revenue and other sources total $27,745,451. Sources include taxes levied on property, $8,322.,554; less uncollected delinquent taxes, $575; less credits to taxpayers, $8,001,130; net current property taxes, $1,875; delinquent property tax revenue, $58,000; penalties interest and costs on taxes, $3,915,891; other county taxes, TIF Tax Revenues, $$7,729,200; intergovernmental, $24,600; charges for services, $1,048,250; use of money and property, $164,105; miscellaneous, $600,400. Also, General Long Term Debt Proceeds, $2,382,000; operating transfers in, $3,820,000.

For Expenditures: public safety and legal services, $3,291,496; physical health and social services, $$358,888; Mental Health, $1,181,338; County Environment and Education, $943,804; roads and transportation $7,463,000; government services to residents, $788,192; Administration, $4,208,974; Debt Service, $1,717,335; Capital projects, $4,079,945; Other Financing Issues, operating transfers out, $$3,820,000; Total expenditures and other uses, $27,852,962; Excess of revenues and other sources over (under) expenditures, $-107,511; ending balance as of July 1, 2014, $2,601,193; Fund balance, restricted, $1-1,409,101; fund balance, unassigned, $3,902,783; total ending fund balance, $2,493,682.

The proposed taxes per $1,000 of taxable valuation will be for urban areas, 3.97451 for rural 7.92451. By type, county-wide levies, $5,174,660; rural only levies, $3,147,894; special district levies, $0; TIF Tax Revenues, $2,585,000; Utility replacement excise tax, $273,531.

• Approved a cleaning contract for the Plymouth County Courthouse in Le Mars with Trischa Kunkel of Le Mars.

• Plymouth County supervisors meetings are at 9:30 a.m. each Tuesday at the Plymouth County Courthouse, 215 4th Ave. SE, Le Mars. They are open to the public.

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