Akron councilors set hearing for land annexation

Posted February 27, 2013 at 10:28 pm

by Julie Ann Madden

An Akron landowner’s request for voluntary annexation of his property into the city limits will be settled at the March 12 Akron City Council meeting.

Daniel and Donna Utesch of 13992 160th St., had platted their property into two lots back in 1998, according to City Attorney David Stuart.

Lot 1, which has an address of 910 South St., has already been annexed in, he said. It is the home of Utesches’ daughter, Pam and her husband, Kevin Anderson.

Now, the Utesch couple wants to have Lot 2, which is 2.5 acres, annexed into the city.

The Utesch land surrounds the John and Mary Gillis property at 13894 160th St., on three sides.

The Utesches have filed their petition with city officials, and Stuart explained the councilors needed to give public notice, setting a public hearing on the matter and send notice to the Plymouth County Supervisors.

“If all goes fine at the hearing, then councilors can annex the property in at that meeting,” said Stuart.

Councilor Barbara Johnson made the motion to approve the resolution from Attorney John Danos regarding this matter and Councilor Sharon Frerichs seconded it. The vote was unanimous.

Editor’s Note: Within the city limits, the street is known as South Street and outside of city limits, it is known as 160th Street. Properties on the north side of the street are annexed into Akron city limits but most on the south side are not.

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