Woodworking artist’s ‘Noah’s Ark’ at Akron Library

Posted March 6, 2013 at 8:55 pm

j Akron library March display Melvin Huebner.tif

Melvin Huebner, Akron, is the artist of the month at the Akron Public Library showing his woodworking. He has three vases filled with flowers which he made in total from various types of wood. A friend brought him some wood from South America, and Melvin plans to give this friend one of the vases after he is finished displaying at the library. There are two decorative frames, one large frame with flowers and a butterfly made from oak and the second one with birds on a tree branch. To show how the appearance can be made completely different using different types of wood, Melvin brought in two horse pictures. A very impressive piece he is showing this month is Melvin’s Biblical Noah’s Ark, which took him over 8 weeks to complete. The Ark has a working gangplank to allow the animals to enter. Melvin made 15 pair of animals, 9 pair of birds and the people. There is a piece that rotates to show the roof and after the flood, it becomes the rainbow with the dove bringing back the olive branch. Stop at the Akron Public Library, 350 Reed St., in March to see the fantastic woodworking display.

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