Question of the Week

Posted March 21, 2013 at 5:00 am

by: Chet Willer

student reporter

This week’s question of the week was, “If you had an hour to do anything that you wanted to, what would you do?”

Tyler Waterbury, a freshman, answered, “Go fishing or hunting.”

Chance Gant, a senior, answered, “Play Playstation three while getting paid for it.”

Jess McMahon, a freshman, answered, “Play baseball.”

Mrs. Jodi Richey, an English teacher, answered, “Go for a hike.”

Ashton Graves, a senior, answered, “ Watch an underground fight between a bear, a lion, and a Gladiator.”

Eric Cottrell, an eighth grader, answered, “Play football.”

Abbi Harder, a freshman, answered, “Go swimming.”

Danika Tindall, an eighth grader, answered, “Go skydiving and ziplining.”

Courtney Waterbury, a seventh grader, answered, “Go to Mexico driving 125 mph.”

Jessica Hansen, an eighth grader, answered, “Go sail surfing with dolphins.”

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