Creative Writing Contest winners named

Posted March 20, 2013 at 9:33 pm

By Steve Peterson

The Akron Friendship and Service Club Youth Creative Writing Contest winners were announced at Akron-Westfield Community School on March 2.

The contest is facilitated by teacher Carol Palmer. The contest is in its 21st year and drew almost 200 entries from students in Grades 1-9.

Division winning pieces will be sent to represent A-W and the local club at the GFWC-Iowa Youth Creative Writing Contest.

Division I (Grades 1-3):

Division I winners are story, “The Purple Chimp”by Sam Phillips; and poem, “Hockey” by Bryce Stowe.

Division II (Grades 4-6):

Student division winners are story, “A Void Now Fulfilled” by Autumn Stowe; and poem, “The Months of the Year” by Kayla Johnson.

Division III (Grades 7-9):

The Grades 7 – 9 winner is a poem, “To the Land of Love” by Autumn Morey.

Individual Grade Placings

First grade stories: first place, Conner Jurgensen, “Snakes;” second place, Audrey Miller, “Butterflies Are All Different;” third place, Emma Rolfes, “One Snowy Day;” and fourth place, Emma Milbrodt, “The Bee.”

First Grade Poems: first place, Tenley Hansen, “I Feel Blue;” second place, Julia Britton, “Snowy, Snowy Snowman;” third place, Rory Harding, “Tigers I Love;” and fourth place, Ty Appley, “What a Cool Thing That Is.”

Second grade stories: first place, Jacob Myers, “My Penquin and I Get in Trouble;” second place, Michael Swancutt, “The Bad Days;” third place, Savannah Bursell, “The Penquin;” and fourth place, Laurynn Saathoff,
“My Penquin and I.”

Second Grade Poems: first place, Hailey Netley, “Earmuffs;” second place, Tyler Ford, “Skiing;” third place, Michael Varns, “Snowplow;” and fourth place, Riley Blake, “Ice Skating.”

Third grade stories: first place, Phillips, “The Purple Chimp;” second place, Elijah Hoffer, “The Very Rich Lion;” third place, Taryn Wilken, “The Best Movie Ever;” fourth place, Cassie Miller, “Lily’s Adventure.”

Third grade poems: first place, Bryce Stowe, “Hockey;” second place, Thomas Lane, “9-11;” third place, Jacob Armstrong, “A Fat Cat;” and fourth place, Haden McMahon, “Football.”

Fourth grade stories: Nola Schierling, “Berries;” second place, Emma Noll, “I Save the Day;” third place, Hailey Wilken, “The Perfect Snow Cube;” and fourth place, Sophie Knuth, “My Crazy, Crazy Classroom.”

Fourth grade poems: first place, Elise Knapp, “Summer Vacation;” second place, Addison McMillan, “The Beach;” third place, Ali Welch, “Things I Like;” and fourth place, Bryce Jurgensen, “Fishing.”

Fifth grade stories: first place, Kailee Tucker, “Dear Rosie;” second place, Victoria Gutierrez, “Grandpa;” third place, Lily Keeny, “Reading;” and fourth place, Kendra Ericson, “When I Went Deer Hunting with My Dad and Brother.”

Fifth grade poems: first place, Kayla Johnson, “The Months of the Year;” second place, Dakota Heeren, “I Threw a Pie;” third place, Cole Moffatt, “Sharks;” and fourth place, Daytona Foley, “Nascars.”

Sixth grade stories: first place, Autumn Stowe, “A Void Now Fulfilled;” second place, Josh Linninger, “Tom;” third place, Shaylee Siebens, “Pumpkin;” and fourth place, Taylor Heeren, “Superman.”

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