Akron Mercy staff improves clinic’s handicap accessibility

Posted March 28, 2013 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden


Registered Nurse Heather Morehead (l) demonstrates the ease of the new handicap accessible entrance improvements with equipment installer Mike Trowbridge of Automatic Doors of Iowa LC.

“Our goal was to make the entrance more safe and less challenging for our patients,” said Akron Mercy Medical Clinic Registered Nurse/Certified Health Coach Heather Morehead.

Akron Mercy Medical Clinic’s front entrance met Americans with Disabilities Act requirements but now patients will find it much easier as “push button access” has been installed on both the exterior entrance door and the interior entrance door.

“This was not only for our patients in wheelchairs but for those who use walkers and canes and their caregivers or helpers,” said Morehead. “With these buttons, it decreases the risk for accidents and falls as patients try to open the doors themselves It improves the safety of the building.”

“It also makes it easier for mothers with young children and infants in car seats,” she said.

There are four push buttons. One is located outside the exterior entrance door and one just inside the clinic. These open both the exterior and interior entrance doors. There are also two push buttons in the small lobby area between the exterior and interior doors. These buttons will open just the exterior or the interior door.

With Iowa’s weather of hot in summer and cold in winter, having the option of opening just one door at a time offers people comfort from the inclement elements, said Morehead.

“This improvement is a benefit to both our patients and the community,” she said.

Morehead applied for a grant through the Mercy Medical Center Foundation and received $5,080 to purchase and install these push buttons, which were installed March 22.

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