A-W begins leasing buses

Posted March 27, 2013 at 4:05 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

With no written or oral comments presented at a public hearing, the Akron-Westfield School Board unanimously approved moving forward with selling of five buses and entering into a lease agreement with Hoglund Bus Company Inc. of Marshalltown.

The board authorized the sale of a 2012 Blue Bird bus for $64,000; 2000 Thomas bus, $3,000; 1998 Thomas bus, $2,000; 1997 Thomas bus, $1,500; and 1995 Thomas bus, $2,000. The sale total is $72,500.

The four leased buses the district receives must be maintained by the school district and have a mileage limit of 15,000 miles annually. Additional miles will will cost the district a 45-cents per mile fee.

Shared Superintendent Randy Collins told the board this would move $320,000 from the Physical Plant & Equipment Levy (PPEL) Fund into the General Fund.

That was the only order of business for this March 11 special meeting, which was held right before the board’s regular monthly meeting.

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