Senior Spotlight

Posted March 28, 2013 at 5:00 am


Katelyn Coyle

by: Carla Robinson

student reporter

Katelyn Coyle, daughter of Jon and Julie Coyle, was born July 8, 1994, at St. Luke’s hospital.

Katelyn has two younger sisters, Avery and Libby.

Katie’s favorite sport is football and wrestling, her favorite movie is 10 Things I Hate About You; her favorite musicians are Matchbox Twenty, Taylor Swift, and the Spice Girls; her favorite saying is, “You’ll have that,” by Jayde Ostermyer.

When Katelyn was younger, she wanted to be Shania Twain.

Katie’s most memorable moments were the two years that the softball team won the state championship.

Katelyn’s favorite pastimes are running, watching Glee, and being with friends or family.

Katie’s favorite childhood memory is the time she spent in Okoboji with her family.

The person who inspired Katelyn the most is her mom because she’s gone through a lot and has always stayed strong and been there for her.

Katie is currently employed at Maynards in Akron.

While in high school, “Katie” has been involved in softball, track, and wrestling as a manager.

Katelyn’s most embarassing moment was when she was 4 she was with her entire family at Okoboji. They were on the back deck and she had to go to the bathrrom, so she ran into the house, but the glass door was shut so she fell and had an accident on the ground.

Katie’s greatest achievement so far is surviving all of Kent Johnson’s classes.

If Katelyn could give any advice to underclassmen, it would be to get all of your hard classes done before senior year so that you can have a fun, easy year.

If Katie could relive one moment in her life it would be when she crashed her car.

What Katelyn likes most about high school is the people and the teachers.

Katie’s biggest regret about high school is not becoming a wrestling manager sooner.

Katelyn does not have a favorite excuse for not turning homework in on time because she turns her homework in on time. Her favorite excuse for being tardy is,
“I fell; it’s logical because gravity and I hate each other anyway.”

During high school, Katelyn’s favorite class has been Art with Mrs. Robin Dirks because there are no tests and Mrs. Dirks is one of her favorite teachers.

After high school, Katelyn plans to attend Iowa State University and study Dietetics.

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