Akron Summer Detour adds Prince-Princess Contest

Posted April 4, 2013 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

Any Akron or Westfield boy or girl between the ages of five and eight is eligible to participate in the first-ever Akron Summer Detour Prince & Princess Contest.

Children, whose age is defined as who turns age 5 and is not over age 8 before May 31, may participate, according to contest rules. Contestants must provide a copy of their birth certificate to enter.

Contestants are asked to color a coloring page and submit it with a questionnaire filled with questions such as What do you like best about Akron? What is something special that you like to do with your family and friends? What do you want to do when you grow up? And several questions deal with the child’s favorites: color, food, place to eat, flavor of ice cream, part of summer, movie, activities, hobbies and sports.

Contestants will make a presentation and answer questions at the coronation ceremony, which will be 7 p.m., Friday, July 19 on Third Street in Akron.

In addition, other rules include parents and contestants have patience and be polite with all others, contestants wear no gawdy makeup, and contestants are not to be coached while on stage. Contestants need to be available to participate in various Akron Summer Detour activities including the tricycle races, bed races and next year’s Prince & Princess Contest.

Contestants are not eligible to participate in the next year’s contest.

The deadline to enter this year’s contest is May 31.

For more information and/or to get an entry form, visit the event’s website: www.akronsummerdetour.weebly.com or email akronsummerdetour@yahoo.com. People may also call the Akron Summer Detour coordinators Nikki Jurgensen, 712-904-9609; Jessica Minor, 551-6950; Brandi Myers, 568-3272; or Dawn Parks, 568-3272.

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