A-W increases school lunch, snack fees

Posted April 4, 2013 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

At their March 11 regular meeting, the Akron-Westfield School Board unanimously approved several fee increases for next year.

The price increases were due to federal law requirements and rising food prices, according to A-W Business Manager Jodi Ryan.

Federal law required adult hot lunch meals to increase to $3.20 per meal. In addition, students’ hot lunch fees will increase up to the maximum increase of 10 cents per meal:

Hot lunches: Current Per Day 2013-2014 Per Day

Grades DK-5 $2.00 $2.05

Grades 6-8 $2.10 $2.15

Grades 9-12 $2.15 $2.25

Adults $2.45 $3.20


Grades DK-12 $1.35 $1.40

Adults $1.70 $1.75

Originally, Ryan recommended combining the Discovergarten and Kindergarten snack and milk fees but after learning some children are allergic to milk, it was decided to keep the snack and milk charges separate. Therefore, the milk fee will be $18 for 20 days and the snack fee will be $17 for 20 days.

Other school fees remain the same for next year. This includes book rent, the general equipment/supplies fee; instrumental rental fees; head phones for Grades DK-5 computer labs costs, and Driver’s Education fee.

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