Commission updates Union County Courthouse’s computer network system

Posted April 16, 2013 at 2:47 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

Soon, the computer networking woes employees at the Union County Courthouse deal with in regards to overheating of the computer network hub should be over.

At their March 19 meeting, Union County Treasurer Myron Hertel, who is the county’s inhouse computer expert, reported he had received a bid of just over $4,000 to relocate the county courthouse’s computer network system from the basement furnace room to the community room.

The majority of the bid from SDN Communications is for labor, said Hertel, adding there will be some room to expand the computer communications system with this relocation to another part of the courthouse.

Karpen asked Hertel to seek a quote from SDN Communications of what it would cost to connect the system to the fiber optics line already laid to the exterior of the courthouse. This could eliminate using Knology cable modem costs.

Union County States Attorney Jerry Miller noted this would require new email addresses and suggested the commission get “government email addresses” because he cannot access some “government access only” websites with the county’s current email addresses.

Hertel suggested having SDN Communications representatives come to the next meeting, which is April 2, because state officials would like changes made to how the county’s system network works.

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