Law enforcement, schools discuss creating task force

Posted April 16, 2013 at 2:49 pm

Law enforcement and education officials from Sioux County met March 27 at the Sioux Center Public Library to discuss issues of safety confronting schools.

About 30 people attended the meeting which was facilitated by Sioux County Sheriff Dan Altena. The attendees consisted of college administrators, college campus life and security personnel, high school and elementary school administrators, Sioux County Sheriff’s Office Resource Officer and sheriff’s office administrative deputies, Sioux County Emergency Management, Iowa State Patrol officers and the Iowa State Patrol Safety Education officer. Hawarden Police Chief Mike DeBruin attended as well as police chiefs from Orange City, Rock Valley, Sioux Center and the Sioux County States Attorney.

DeBruin said it was a good meeting.

“It was good to get together with the schools so they know what to expect from law enforcement and we know what to expect from their response if there is an active school shooting. There was not one definitive outcome for school security,” said DeBruin.

Hawarden police and school officials have been meeting to discuss ways of making schools safer.

The purpose of the meeting was to explore he establishment of a “School Safety Task Force” which would bring educators and law enforcement officials together to discuss a wide variety of school safety issues.

“Our schools today face a variety of safety threats, active shooters, angry or non-custodial parents, bomb threats, weather related emergencies, just to name a few. I felt it necessary for us to meet together and discuss planning, prevention and response to those issues. Some very positive things came from this initial meetings. We all believe it will make our schools safer,” said Sheriff Altena.

The group may meet twice a year.

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