Question of the Week

Posted May 2, 2013 at 3:30 pm

by: Chet Willer

student reporter

This week’s question of the week, that was asked to seniors only, was, “What are you going to miss most about high school?”

Taron Banks, answered, “Desktop Publishing class.”

Carla Robinson, answered, “I will miss seeing all of my underclassmen friends everyday.”

Gregg Taylor, answered, “Baseball and having great times.”

Cole Oltmanns, answered, “Seeing his friends everyday.”

Katlyn Mace, answered, “Taking naps during class.”

Taylor James, answered, “Friday night football games and taking wrestling trips.”

Emily Miller, answered, “Seeing my friends daily and being involved in dance team.”

Jayde Ostermyer, answered, “Dance and wrestling cheerleading.”

Daniel Beitelapacher, answered, “Paying sports with all his friends.”

Chet Willer, answered, “Extra-curricular activities, the great teachers, and being able to be with a friend at a moment’s notice.”

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