Senior Spotlight

Posted May 9, 2013 at 5:00 am


Jesse Jolin

by: Carla Robinson

student reporter

Jesse Jolin, son of Terry and Jenny Jolin, was born July 1, 1994, in Sioux City.

Jesse has three siblings, two brothers, Jared and Justin Jolin, and one sister, Katie Ruble.

Jesse’s favorite sport is basketball; his favorite movie is Men in Black; his favorite musicians are Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, and Chris Webby; and his favorite saying is, “You fail if you don’t give 100%.”

Jesse’s favorite childhood memory is playing outside.

The people who inspired Jesse the most are his parents because they taught him how to succeed in life.

If Jesse could relive one moment of his life, it would be his childhood.

Jesse’s greatest achievement so far is graduating from high school.

Jesse is currently employed at Poet Biorefining.

Jesse’s most memorable moment is playing basketball at the park every day with Devon Taggart.

While in high school, Jesse has been involved in track.

Jesse’s favorite pastime is shooting hoops.

What Jesse liked most about high school is hanging out with friends.

If Jesse could give any advice to underclassmen, it would be, “Make the years count because high school flies by.”

Jesse’s favorite excuse for not turning in his homework on time is, “I didn’t get it done.” Also, his favorite excuse for being tardy is, “The bell rang before I got here.”

Jesse’s biggest regret about high school is tearing his ACL three times.

While in high school, Jesse’s favorite class has been P.E. because it is awesome.

After high school, Jesse plans to make money.

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