Senior Spotlight

Posted May 16, 2013 at 5:00 am

Katelyn M.psd

Katlyn Mace

by: Carla Robinson

student reporter

Katelyn Mace, daughter of Rick and Amy Mace, was born June 22, 1994, in Sioux City.

Katelyn has one sibling, an older sister Elizabeth.

Katelyn is sometimes called “Rosebud” or “Kates” by her family and friends.

Katelyn’s favorite sport is water polo; her favorite movie is City of Ember; and her favorite musicians are The Spill Canvas, Shinedown, and Nicki Manaj.

When “Rosebud” was younger, she imagined herslef as a veterinarian.

“Kates” is currently employed at Hummer’s Roadhouse.

The person who inspired Katelyn the most is her mom because she taught her to always appreciate the little things.

While in high school, Katelyn has been involved in wrestling cheerleading, speech, and golf.

“Rosebud’s” favorite childhood memory is always being naked.

“Kates’s” most embarassing moment is trying to rollerblade down her stairs.

Katelyn’s favorite pastimes are shopping and social gatherings.

If “Rosebud” could give any advice to underclassman, it would be, “Don’t get into trouble your senior year.”

What “Kates” likes most about being in high school is not having to study and seeing friends every day.

Katelyn’s biggest regret about high school is not getting involved in cheerleading as an underclassmen.

While in high school, “Rosebud’s” favorite class has been Career Focus with Mr. Andrew Thonstad.

After high school, Katelyn plans to have fun at college and then go to Physical

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