A-W faculty: 3.72 percent salary package increase

Posted May 23, 2013 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

At their May 15 meeting, the Akron-Westfield School Board unanimously approved a master contract with the Akron-Westfield Education Association and set employees’ salaries.



Administrators received a 10.63 percent salary increase. Administrators are the principals and business manager.

Grades Preschool-6 Principal Cathy Bobier and Grades 7-12 Principal Derek Briggs will each receive $80,000 for the 2013-2014 school year. His salary had been $72,645 and hers was $72,336.

Both are required to teach 180 days with 1/225 of the annual salary considered as pay for one day of service.

In addition, each’s professional dues to principals’ organizations will be paid at the current rate, and they may attend a national convention every other year with board approval.

The school board reserves the right to adjust their annual salaries during the term of their contracts but not to reduce the salary amounts.

Each will also receive mileage reimbursement for using their own personal vehicle for official school business.

Briggs will also be entitled to fully-paid family coverage of hospital and major medical insurance and other personal benefits accorded to district employees.

Bobier will also receive fully-paid single coverage of hospital and major medical insurance and other personal benefits accorded to district employees. Because she gets only single insurance coverage, she will receive $8,000 toward a tax-sheltered annuity of her choice.

Bobier’s position as Shared Curriculum Director was discontinued as of April 26. Earlier this semester, it was decided to try sharing this position with West Sioux School District, which was to have Bobier for 20 percent of the time.

Business Manager Jodi Ryan’s salary was increased from $41,266 to $50,000.

Her contract includes three weeks paid vacation per year, exclusive of seven legal holidays and other school vacations.

Ryan will receive fully-paid family coverage of hospital and major medical insurance and other personal benefits accorded to district employees. She will receive no pay for absences not covered by Board Policy and each unexcused day will be 1/260th of her annual salary.

According to Business Manager Jodi Ryan, Shared Superintendent Randy Collins’ 2013-2014 salary will be decided by the West Sioux School Board because it is a shared position with the West Sioux School District and they have the contract. Once his salary has been set and contract approved, A-W School Board will approve the sharing agreement, which includes A-W paying half of Collins’ salary.

AWEA Master Contract

Akron-Westfield faculty will receive a 3.72 percent salary package increase for next year.

This package increase costs this district about $106,500, said Ryan.

According to AWEA Chief Negotiator Pam Von Hagel, there were also minor language changes made to the contract:

• Instead of including new Peer Review state requirements in the contract, it was decided to put the language in “side letters” which sunset after one year. This way if the Iowa Legislature changes its mind, then it’s easily discontinued. Iowa State Education Association’s Peer Review language model was used in the side letters.

• Deleted the following Personal Leave language: “No personal leaves shall be granted for the day immediately preceding or the day immediately following a holiday, or for the day immediately preceding the commencement of vacation or the day following the end of a vacation period, except in cases of emergency.”

• Under “Work Day” staff lunch periods were left as is. The AWEA had requested to have “duty-free” lunch periods or be paid for assigned duties during lunch periods.

• Schedule A teacher education lanes increased by $60.

• The only change not in the original Master Contract proposal was under Schedule C (Paragraph B): School Nurses’ section. It had said if the Special Education Multi-Catagorical School Nurse had decided to take insurance, she would be allowed to take single health insurance coverage and her salary would be reduced by $1,400. Since the school nurse took the insurance option last year, this language was omitted.

Support Staff

A new salary schedule was implemented for the Akron-Westfield support staff.

According to Ryan, it was a large increase in salaries because of moving the support staff from their current low salaries to the proper step in the new salary schedule.

The support staff received a variety of salary percentage increases but the overall district’s cost of $83,489.58 was a 19.70 percent increase.

Custodians, secretaries, bus drivers, general teachers’ aides and Shared Transportation Director Larry Clarey received a 12.60 percent increase.

Special education teachers’ aides received a 40.24 percent increase in salaries. These salaries are paid with Special Education dollars.

Hot Lunch staff and Shared Food Service Director Charlotte Anderson received a 16.31 percent salary increase. These salaries are paid from the Hot Lunch Program revenues.

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