Question of the Week

Posted May 23, 2013 at 5:00 am

by: Chet Willer

student reporter

This week’s question of the week was only asked to seniors and was, “If you could be one thing in the future what would it be?”

Robin Peinke, answered, “A furensic archeologist.”

Casey Liston, answered, “A veterinarian.”

Kellio O’Byrne, answered, “A country western music singer.”

Kylee Reed, answered, “A rich person.”

Katie Coyle, answered, “A dolphin trainer.”

Haley Coyle, answered, “A Nascar driver.”

Daniel Dirks, answered, “Jeremy Wade of the Animal Planet, or Steve Irwin.”

Kayla Brovold, answered, “A unicorn.”

Jaclyn Smith, answered, “A sea turtle.”

Carla Robinson, answered, “A horse trainer.”

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