Physics class gets T-shirts together

Posted May 23, 2013 at 5:00 am


By: Chet Willer

student reporter

The fifth period Physics class has recently purchased T-shirts that symobolize quotes and memories from the class.

The class, taught by Mr. Kim Meerdink, consists of ten students: Jaclyn Smith, Dylan Myers, Taylor James, Robyn Peinke, Daniel Dirks, Kayla Brovold, Adam Kroksh, Ashton Graves, Chance Gant, and Chet Willer.

The front of the T-Shirts, saying Physics land, reminds the class that even though they are on Earth they need to imagine they are in space. This is because Earth has an atmosphere which creates friction and throws off experiments and demonstrations performed on the marker board. Everything done in physics class needs to be done with the constant thought that they are in space where it’s a vacuum.

The back of the shirts say, half off, because it is a famous saying of Mr. Meerdink’s. This is because Mr. Meerdink is a very picky grader of papers and finds something wrong with everything. Mr. Meerdink rarely gives out a 100 percent. Frankly, Mr. Meerdink just can’t admit that his students are right most of the time.

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