Akron man sentenced on domestic assault, reckless use of firearm

Posted May 23, 2013 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

Editor’s Note: Coyle is currently the Akron Fire Chief. He is a former Akron police officer and was a part-time Plymouth County sheriff’s deputy from 2003 until November 2012 when he resigned.

After plea bargaining was completed and a guilty plea accepted, a judge ordered an Akron man to deliver all his firearms, ammunition and offensive weapons to the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office and to successfully complete the Batterer’s Education Course.

Shane Coyle, 39, of 411 N. Eighth St., was sentenced on two counts: aggravated misdemeanor Reckless Use of a Firearm and simple misdemeanor Domestic Abuse Assault.

Per the plea bargain, the domestic abuse assault charge was amended from an aggravated misdemeanor to a simple misdemeanor.

The sentences were filed with the Plymouth County Clerk of District Court on May 2.

Reckless Use of A Firearm

According to Plymouth County court documents, on the Reckless Use of A Firearm conviction, Third Judicial District Court Judge Jeffrey L. Poulson ordered Coyle sentenced to:

• Serve 365 days in jail — after he has served seven days, the remainder is suspended. The mittimus begins on Aug. 12 and Coyle will be granted work release.

• One year probation with the following terms and conditions: Coyle must seek and maintain verifiable employment and/or attend school at least 40 hours a week; successfully complete the Batter’s [sic] Education Program and comply with any other evaluations and treatment recommended by Department of Corrections; abstain from the use of all alcohol and controlled substances unless prescribed by a physician; submit to random urine analysis testing at the discretion of the probation officer and/or substance abuse treatment center, or at the request of any law enforcement, to be paid for by himself; submit to a search of his person, car and/or residence at any time during probation by a probation officer or any law enforcement officer making such a request; pay the probation supervision fee required by law; and pay all restitution ordered.

• Pay a fine of $625 plus statutory surcharges and court costs.

• Make restitution for costs of court-appointed counsel, victim restitution, and for any sheriff’s fees or costs related to this matter.

His appeal bond was fixed at $2,000.

Domestic Assault

The entry of judgment and pronouncement of sentence on the domestic assault charge was deferred, according to court documents.

According to Plymouth County Attorney Darin Raymond, a deferred judgment means Coyle is not convicted of domestic assault at this point. If he successfully completes all the judge’s orders in connection with this offense, then he will not have a domestic assault conviction on his criminal record. But if Coyle doesn’t successfully complete the requirements, judgment will be decided at that time.

The judge’s orders for the domestic assault charge include Coyle being placed on probation for one year with the same terms and conditions as the other conviction’s probation sentence.

In addition, Coyle was ordered to pay a civil penalty of $65 plus all court costs and surcharges, court-appointed attorney fees, if any; and victim restitution.

He was ordered to successfully complete the Batterer’s Education Course.

The no contact order, which had been vacated at the victim’s request in December 2012, was not extended.

As part of the orders, Coyle is not to possess, ship, transport or receive a firearm, offensive weapon or ammunition during the period of deferral of judgment. If he is successful at completing the judge’s orders, then he would be eligible to have these items again. If not, he would be barred from possessing, shipping, transporting or receiving a firearm, offensive weapon or ammunition, explained Raymond.

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