Quilter brings her ‘trunk show’ to Akron this summer

Posted May 23, 2013 at 5:00 am

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By Julie Ann Madden

After her first year of teaching, Jaynette Huff of Conway, Ark., found she was “bored to tears” with her free summer time.

One way she tried to solve her boredom was by browsing through antique stores.

At one such location, there was a group of ladies quilting together. When she asked what they were doing, they explained and asked her to join them.

“No one in my family had quilted,” said Jaynette, explaining she has no heirloom quilts and she readily admits “quilting took over my life” when I wasn’t teaching high school English and Speech and later human resources and management collegiate courses.

Jaynette enjoyed quilting guilds, which are quilting clubs, and mastering all kinds of quilting techniques and styles.

When she married her husband, Larry Huff, an Akron Class of 1963 alumnus, Jaynette retired from classroom teaching and opened a quilt shop, turning her quilting passion into a business. As her journey in quilting evolved, she closed the business after 10 years.

Jaynette began designing quilt patterns and publishing quilting books — her sixth and most recent publication became available in November 2012.

Several of her books are at the Akron Public Library.

She has no favorite quilt pattern — it’s whatever one she is working on at the time and usually she is working on five or six quilts at a time.

Since closing her business, Jaynette has traveled the world speaking about and teaching quilting.

“I do a lot of national and international quilt shows,” said Jaynette, explaining these are juried shows whereby quilters submit some of their quilts in hopes of being selected for participation in the show. Once selected, quilters enter their quilts in the juried show’s contest.

On June 9, Jaynette is bringing a “trunk show” of her quilts to Akron for the local PEO Chapter’s fundraiser. Proceeds will be used for educational scholarships for women. A light luncheon will be served following the program.

A trunk show is a “trunk” filled with quilts where the quilter tells about the quilts in the trunk. Jaynette is bringing about 40 quilts — from bed size to wall size miniature quilts. Her trunk show includes some quilt samples from her books as well as some of her contest quilts.

“There is a great variety,” said Jaynette, adding the quilts range from heavily embellished with beads quilts to quilts of keltic designs and architectural quilts.

Jaynette will entertain the audience with tales of her quilting journey.

“Once you start quilting, you keep going, changing styles, designs, fabrics,” said Jaynette. “It never ends. You’re never bored with it.”

“In quilting there is room for everybody,” she added. “Whether you do hand quilting or machine quilting, make bed quilts or modern contemporary quilts. There’s room for you, too.”

“I’m looking forward to sharing my quilts and sharing with other quilters,” said Jaynette. “I encourage people to come. They will find lots of things they’ll like to see. They won’t be bored.”

To reserve a ticket contact Karla Less at 712-568-3111 or 712-548-8642 by June 3. Or get a ticket from Julie Breitbarth at Security National Bank in Akron. There will be a limited number of tickets available at the door.

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