Boosters help A-W in many ways

Posted June 12, 2013 at 4:52 pm

By Steve Peterson

Akron-Westfield Athletic Booster Club President Tom Schroeder explained the organization’s contributions to the Westerners, noting the group has given more than $200,000 in equipment funds over the last 10 years.

“On behalf of the A-W Booster Club, I want to congratulate our athletes on this past year for their success,” said Schroeder at the A-W annual Athletic Awards banquet.

“The Booster Club cooperates with the administration, Athletic Director Colt, giving funds for uniforms, the plaques you see here tonight, and more. The Booster Club generates funds through donations and concession stand revenue. I would like to thank you, the student-athletes, for your dedication, and especially, to the seniors, as we hope your A-W pride will carry over to your future endeavors,” he said.

Colt also praised the efforts of the A-W Booster Club.

Equipment purchased with Booster Club donations in 2012-2013 included:

For football: play clock, $3,578; helmets, $3,054; players’ bus to West Hancock in Britt for playoff game, $500; pep bus to Britt, $250; banner for 2012 Elite District Qualifier, $195. For junior high football: 20 uniform pants, $310.

For girls volleyball: a net, $2,500 and six volleyballs, $240.

For boys and girls basketball: 12 basketballs, $573.

In wrestling: 18 warm-ups, $1,480; 12 singlets, $840 and a cash donation at State Wrestling, $25.

In boys and girls’ track and field: items were 30 warm-up sweatshirts, $690; 30 warm-up sweatpants, $450; and three weighted power balls, $238.

Golf: Donations included team membership at Akron Golf Course for $560 and a banner for 2012 Boys’ Golf State Qualifier, $195.

Baseball: Two portable pitching mounds for $1,934 and two bats, $609.

Softball: four bats, $889; three portable designated hitters, $855; and sliding pad, $235.

All sports: Coaches’ shirts, $900; athletic programs, $509; athletic banquet awards and medals, $413; winter and spring sports calendars, $267; and DVDs, $208.

A total of $1,859 was given as 50 percent of the varsity game profits to the school district.

The total of items purchased for the A-W athletic programs was $24,365.52 this year.

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