Commission redoes transfer of Alcester’s 301st Street

Posted June 14, 2013 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

It’s been nearly a year since Union County Commissioners agreed to allow Alcester city officials to annex some county property.

In the agreement, Alcester officials agreed to take over ownership of County Road 1E, also known as 301st Street, through their town.

County officials didn’t realize they needed to hold a public hearing to do so.

Public Works Director Raymond Roggow explained the rules for deleting roads from the county highway systems has changed.

Therefore, on May 28, Commissioners held the public hearing and unanimously approved a new ordinance regarding the transfer of road ownership to city officials.

This action deleted from the Union County highway system, Union County Highway #1E (301st Street) – beginning at the quarter corner between Sections 21 & 28; thence east for one mile ending at the quarter corner between Sections 22 & 27, all in Alcester Township.

Rose Street, Elk Point

Commission Chairperson Doyle Karpen reported the City of Elk Point has a street improvement project on Rose Street, from Manitex Load King to the corner.

Roggow had found this street was not on the map of county roads, said Karpen. Therefore, this is not a county roadway, and the project is completely a city project.

Her noted the paving and grading of this roadway would be about $800,000 of the more than $3 million project.

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