New Care Center’s nearly complete but fundraising is not done

Posted July 18, 2013 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

j Akron Care Center building 07-15-2013.tif

Akron’s new nursing home is nearly finished. Landscaping crews are working on the grounds as well as construction crews are working on the exterior and the interior simultaneously.

Take a drive along Iowa Highway 3 on the eastern edge of Akron, and you’ll be amazed at the changes in the landscape across the street from the Akron Fire Station.

The New Care Center Project is in the last stages of construction as Gil Haugan Construction crews are busy adding the final touches.

Akron Care Center nursing home residents are planning to move into the new facility Aug. 12 — less than a month from now.

One of the greatest assets to this project has been the generosity of donors who have contributed to this $6.4 million project.

“We’ve worked really hard on this fundraising,” said Sue Higman, who is one of the Building Fundraising Committee chairpersons. “It’s gone really well.”

But the fundraising isn’t completely done for this project, she said, adding they still need to raise a minimum of $200,000. The more that is raised, the less loan payments the Akron Care Center will be responsible for.

“The New Care Center Project is a major community project,” said Higman. “A community project of which we are all a part of and you should be proud of what’s being accomplished.”

“We would like to thank everyone who has either already donated or pledged at this time, including several businesses and individuals who have been most generous,” she said.

“We couldn’t do a project like this without everyone in the community,” said Higman. “We’re asking every age group to get involved and make a donation or a pledge.”

“It’s not just the older people who need to donate to this nursing home, the Akron Care Center is for everyone,” she said. “This is your community.”

“We want the rest of the community to have the privilege to step forward and help support this much needed addition to our community,” said Higman.

It won’t take much to achieve that fundraising goal if everyone steps forward,” she said. “It would be so easy to raise the dollars if they just realized how easy.”
For instance, if 100 people donate $50 each, that raises $5,000, and if the $50 donation was made yearly for five years, it would raise $25,000.

“It’d be like if you went to a movie, bought tickets, popcorn and pop once a month, she said. “So this pledge can be done.”

Or, if 100 people give $100 each, it’s $10,000.

Or if 100 people give $1,000 each, it’s $100,000.

Donations can be broken down into pledge amounts paid over a five-year period.

For instance, a pledge of $1,000 over five years is $200 per year,” said Higman, reminding people to pay the pledges to which they have committed.

“Even the people who are giving $5 a month are making a difference because it adds up,” said Higman, noting there are several ways to donate in addition to one-time donations and monthly or annual pledges. Memorial gifts are also accepted.

To make a donation or pledge, contact a Building Fundraising Committee chairperson: Sue and Harold Higman, 568-2852; or Dan and Lori Rexwinkel, 568-2721. People may also call Akron Care Center Administrator Brandon Verros at 568-2422 or stop by the current Akron Care Center.

“The Akron Care Center is committed to making its loan payments on the new facility,” said Higman. “As community members, let’s make their job a little bit easier by reaching our fundraising goal and continuing to support this worthy project.”

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