Westfield councilors say ‘farewell’ to Grimm

Posted July 18, 2013 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

j Westfield council says farewell to Barbette Grimm 07-09-2013.tif

Westfield city officials say “goodbye” to longtime City Clerk Barbette Grimm. From left: Councilors Gerald Bohr, Marcia Dewey, Mayor Bill Hummel, Barbette Grimm, Councilors Don Dion, Tami Hummel and Jenny Hartman-Mendoza.

For nearly 27 years, Barbette Grimm was Westfield’s city clerk.

It was in October 1986 that she began managing the office, including being the council’s secretary at their meetings and managing the town’s coffers.

Grimm has worked for five mayors: Marietta Brown, Gerald Bohr, Tim Kelley, Paul Bringman and Bill Hummel.

Although she originally resigned a year ago, Grimm continued to work as needed as interim city clerk.

Recently, Angela Olson of Akron was hired to replace her. Grimm had been filling in as interim city clerk after City Clerk Andrea Westergard resigned.

At their July 9 meeting, the Westfield Council surprised her with a farewell gift of a mantle clock.

The council also recognized community members who keep the town looking beautiful. Honored were Joyce Hasenbank, Bonnie Lahr and Roely Tentinger.

“The City Council thanks all who work hard to keep our town looking nice,” said Mayor Bill Hummel.

Westfield Mayor Bill Hummel also administered the Oath of Office, swearing in newly-appointed Councilor Jenny Hartman-Mendoza. She replaced Councilor Jim Ulatowski, who resigned shortly before he passed away.

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