What does Akron use LOST for?

Posted July 18, 2013 at 5:00 am

This is the third in a series on the LOST election Aug. 6.

By Julie Ann Madden

Since 2001, the City of Akron has had a Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) levy.

This 1 percent sales and service tax has generated revenues for “capital improvement and community betterment projects.”

So what have city officials done with this revenue stream?

According to Akron Public Works Director Gary Horton, the LOST funds have been spent on:

Ball Field Improvements: All three ball diamonds (Sargent, Lefty Swift and Bob Tucker) have new lighting.

In addition, a sprinkler system was installed at Sargent Field.

Bob Tucker and Sargent Fields each have newly-constructed Announcer booth-Bathrooms-Concession Stand “ABC” buildings.

Sargent and Lefty Swift Fields have new fencing with backstop improvements.

Akron Swimming Pool Improvements: There is a new bathhouse at the swimming pool.

Storm Sewer Improvements: Several areas in Akron have received storm sewer improvements.

North Seventh Street and both sides of Downtown Reed Street have had storm sewer installation with some new concrete street paving.

Two other areas completed were at Dakota Street/Iowa Highway 12 and along Iowa Highway 12 from Dakota Street near Akron Lumber Company to Iowa Highway 3 at the Casey’s General Store corner.

At Eighth Street and Kerr Drive, a culvert/bridge replacement project was completed.

Country Club Drive received LOST financial assistance for its storm sewer project, which also included curb and gutter installation.

Street Lighting Renovation: New street lighting was purchased and installed along downtown Reed Street.

Akron non-profit entities receive financial assistance through annual LOST funding grants:

Akron Senior Center: Both the roof and the HVAC systems were replaced.

Akron Golf Club Inc.: A new lawn mower and other items were purchased for the Akron Golf Course.

Akron Historical Society: The Akron Area Museum’s new front porch was partially paid for with LOST dollars and also the recent garage renovation project also received LOST dollars.

Akron Opera House Inc. received LOST dollars for several theater projects over the years.

Akron Fire Station receives LOST tax revenues. One project that received funding was the new fire station facility.

Akron Children’s Center has received LOST funds annually since its new facility was built.

Plymouth County Law Enforcement Center: LOST funds have been used to pay the city’s annual payment for the new jail.

These were the major projects LOST revenues have been used for, said Horton.

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