Stuck in the Saddle

Posted July 24, 2013 at 4:04 pm

by David De Jong

Stuck here in the saddle, followin’ a herd

Been a right long time, haven’t heard a word.

Got stories, recollections, chasin’ in my head

Colt strapped to my side, six pieces of lead.

Rifle in the scabbard, loaded, ready to aim

The trail we ride, none any too tame.

Cougar waitin’ up a tall pine, wolves by the pack

Rattlers slitherin’ quiet, hidin’ in a crack.

The paint believes he’s the favorite, since I saddle him the most

Truth be told, he slips through timber, slick as a fleein’ ghost.

He’s sure on his feet, an’ keeps a smooth stride

Makes gatherin’ the herd, a most pleasant ride.

The cows don’t talk, but you can tell what they say

Scent of water in the breeze, they be headed that way.

Should reach that river soon, just below Shirley’s Ridge

Clean, cool, current, flowin’ peaceful, under a natural bridge.

Plenty of grass for the herd, we’ll make camp for the night

Sunset, snowcaps to the west, simply inspirin’ sight.

How that ridge took her name, take more than a written page

First laid eyes on my beautiful wife there, tendin’ the stage.

She’ll be waitin’ there, fire ready, biscuits an’ coffee, hot

Standin’ tradition, every ride, we meet that same ol’ spot.

I’ll bring a fresh grouse, to fix with her wild berries and sage

She’ll prepare it all, with tender love, never tired with age.

Come daybreak, we’ll finish the trail together, stride by stride,

An old cowpoke in a saddle an’ a pretty lady, ridin’ side by side.

Must admit, “stuck” in the saddle, was a poor choice of the word

No place I’d rather be, than along side my bride, followin’ the herd.

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