UC Compensation Board appointments, rules set

Posted July 24, 2013 at 4:04 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

A school superintendent, a retired school superintendent, a semi-retired Well Life employee, a bank loan officer, a tire/truck company operations manager, an attorney and a city economic development director will decide what Union County elected officials’ salaries will be for next year.

Each elected official, except the county coroner who has a different pay structure, picked a person to represent his or her interests on this Compensation Board.

The board members are Elk Point-Jefferson Superintendent Brian Shanks, representing Auditor Carol Klumper; Carol LaBrune Well Life, representing Register of Deeds Jana Foltz; Bank 360 loan officer Andrew Jacobs, representing Treasurer Myron Hertels; David Prochello of USA Tire & Trucking, representing Sheriff Dan Limoges; attorney Jeffrey T. Myers, representing States Attorney Jerry Miller; and representing commissioners are retired Beresford Community School Superintendent Cortland Carnes and North Sioux City Economic Development Director Korey Menken.

During their May meetings, Union County Commissioners finalized who would be on the committee charged with making recommendations for elected officials’ salaries.

At their May 14 meeting, they decided:

• Compensation Board members will get paid $50 per meeting and mileage to and from each meeting.

• The board can use any salary data sources to come up with salary recommendations. They can use city, county, state, federal and both public and private salary information. The board members are responsible for getting their own sources instead of having elected officials give them salary suggestions.

• Compensation Board members’ decisions will be made by simple majority vote.

• Compensation Board must make their elected officials’ salary recommendations to the commissioners by Aug. 6.

• Commissioners Ross Jordan and Doyle Karpen were to host the first meeting of the Compensation Board at 7 p.m., May 22 at the Union County Courthouse.

At their April 30 meeting, commissioners changed much about their initial decisions regarding this Compensation Board, including that commissioners, which make the final salary determinations, could not go higher than the board’s recommended amounts.

Klumper had pointed out the Compensation Board might recommend no salary increases. This prompted the commission to change their minds on the recommendations. Now they can accept or deny whatever amounts the Compensation Board presents.

When The Akron Hometowner pointed out much of what they’d originally decided verbally at their April 16 meeting about the Compensation Board was being changed at this meeting, Commissioner Ross Jordan responded there are no state legislative regulations for such Compensation Boards like there are for such boards in Iowa which this board was patterned after.

“We have no rules,” said Jordan.

“Is everyone going to be happy,” said Commission Chairperson Doyle Karpen. “I’ll guarantee you one thing: no.”

Jordan suggested meeting with the Compensation Board after the members finish the 2014 salary recommendations to find out what board changes they’d suggest be made for the following year’s process.

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