Look at A-W state champs by the numbers

Posted July 30, 2013 at 10:14 pm

Akron-Westfield softball statistics for the Class 1A State Softball Champions Lady Westerners were 37-2 record, 399-for-1,105 at-bats, 323 runs scored, 58 doubles, 10 triples, six home runs, 271 RBIs, 77 sacrifices, 120 walks, 112 strikeouts, 147-for-156 stolen base attempts, 17 hit by pitch, 0.432 on-base percentage, 0.448 slugging percentage, 0.361 batting average.

Individual statistics for the Lady Westerners

Kayla Tindall, junior, had 28 starts, 27-2 record pitching, 164 and two-thirds innings, five earned runs allowed, 0.21 ERA, 17 walks, six hit batters, 218 strikeouts, opponents hit 0.133. For hitting, 59-for-128 at-bats, 22 runs scored, 17 doubles, three triples, three home runs, 16 walks, 12 strikeouts, 5-for-5 stolen base attempts, four hit-by-pitches, 0.534 on-base percentage, 0.711 slugging percentage, 0.461 batting average.

Dana Hedlund, junior, hitting, 49-for 129 at-bats, 27 runs scored, three doubles, one triple, 33 RBIs, nine sacrifices, 13 walks, three strikeouts, 15-for-18 stolen base attempts, 0.437 on-base percentage., 0.419 slugging percentage and 0.380 batting average. Pitching, 9-0 record, 71 and two-thirds innings pitched, eight earned runs, 0.78 ERA, one walk, 89 strikeouts, 0.143 opponents batting average.

Haley Coyle, senior, 40-for-121 at-bats, two runs scored, four doubles, 36 RBIs, 13 sacrifices, 13 walks, seven strikeouts, one hit by pitch, 0,400 on-base percentage, 0.3634 slugging percentage, 0.331 batting average.

Jaclyn Smith, senior, 50-for-117 at-bats, 45 runs scored, two doubles, one triple, 18 RBIs, three sacrifices, 23 walks, seven strikeouts, 26-for-27 stolen base attempts, two hit by pitches, 0.528 on-base percentage, 0.462 slugging percentage and 0.427 batting average.

Kortney Hedlund, sophomore, 51-for-128 at-bats, 36 runs scored, five doubles, one triple, 46 RBIs, 21 sacrifices, seven walks, five strikeouts, 10-for-10 stolen base attempts, two hit by pitches, 0,438 on-base percentage, 0.453 slugging percentage, 0.398 batting average.

Bailey Davis, eighth grader, 52-for-126 at-bats, 20 runs scored, 13 doubles, three home runs, 45 RBIs, six sacrifices, five walks, 14 strikeouts, 1-for-1 stolen base attempts, 2 hit by pitches, 0.444 on-base percentage, 0.587 slugging percentage, 0.413 batting average. In pitching, 1-0 record, six and two-thirds innings pitched, two earned runs, 2.21 ERA, two walks, one hit batter, eight strikeouts, 0.154 opponents batting average.

Katie Johnson, freshman, 38-for-106 at-bats, 25 runs scored, five doubles, two triples, 13 RBIs, three sacrifices, 17 walks, 21 strikeouts, 18-for-18 stolen base attempts, one hit by pitch, 0.452 on-base percentage, 0.443 slugging percentage, 0.358 batting average.

Sarah Schroeder, junior, 18-for-72 at bats, 10 runs scored, one double, 10 RBIs, two sacrifices, three walks, 11 strikeouts, 0.280 on-base percentage, 0,264 slugging percentage, 0.250 batting average.

Bethany Eastman, junior, 8-for41 at-bats, five runs scored, six RBIs, three walks, nine strikeouts, one hit by pitch, 0.267 on-base percentage, 0.195 slugging percentage, 0.195 batting average.

Danika Tindall, eighth grader, 44 runs scored, two RBIs, 21-for-23 stolen base attempts.

Jordan Hansen, junior, include: 23-for-82 at-bats, 36 runs scored, eight doubles, one triple, 19 RBIs, 12 walks, 16 strikeouts, 27-for-27 stolen base attempts, 0.372 on-base percentage, 0.402 slugging percentage, 0.280 batting average.

Jessica Hansen, eighth grader, 13 runs scored, 7-for-7 stolen base attempts.

Ryleigh Schnell, sophomore, 5-for-18 at-bats, four runs scored, three sacrifices, two walks, two strikeouts, one hit by pitch, 0.381 on-base percentage, 0.278 slugging percentage, 0.278 batting average.

Sam Johnson, freshman, six runs scored, 2-for-2 stolen base attempts, two hit by pitches.

Trisha Frerichs, 2-for-4 at bats, one RBI, two walks, two strikeouts.

Hannah Boehme, freshman, no statistics.

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