Sakes alive! It’s win number five!

Posted August 1, 2013 at 3:55 pm

AW front.psd

The Akron-Westfield softball team brought home a fifth state championship trophy from the state softball tournament held in Fort Dodge last week. They have been to the state tournament 10 times in the last 11 years, missing the 2012 tournament, and have a 5-1 record in State Championship softball games. In 2005, A-W won its first state championship as Coach Todd Colt’s Lady Westerners beat Solon, 9-2 in Class 2A for a 39-1 record. In 2006, A-W was in Class 1A and beat then North Mahaska, 16-4, for a 35-3 record. In 2007, A-W tried for three in a row but finished second to Solon, losing 6-0, in Class 2A. In 2010, A-W beat Newell-Fonda, 5-1, finishing with a record of record 37-1. In 2011, A-W beat North
Sentral Kossuth/Armstrong-Ringsted, 4-0, ending with a 36-1 record. And of course in 2013, A-W beat New London, 5-4, for a 37-2 record.

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