Deputies have firearms training session

Posted August 14, 2013 at 9:47 pm

On Aug, 1, Sioux County Sheriff’s deputies participated in firearms training at the sheriff’s office gun range which they do each year. This year the Sheriff’s Office firearms instructors scheduled an “extraordinary session,” according to a Sioux County Sheriff’s Office press release.

“In law enforcement, all of us may encounter dangerous situations at any time during our shifts; it’s important to train for those,” said Sioux County Sheriff’s Office Captain Jamison Van Voorst.

Some of the scenarios at this year’s training event included rescuing a mock wounded victim while encountering and eliminating an active shooter, firing different weapons at multiple knock-down targets and reloading weapons while encountering an active threat.

Through this alternative training deputies are able to recognize the many situations they may face. It also teaches tem stress management and threat identification.

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