Akron Gold and Silver opens on Reed Street

Posted September 12, 2013 at 2:05 pm

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By Julie Ann Madden

She remembers helping her paternal grandmother dust miniature pitchers kept in china hutches when she was about seven years of age.

And one of her fondest memories is of being 12 and going to an auction with her grandfather. When she spied an etched green-colored sandwich plate, he bought it for her.

“I just thought it was pretty,” said Angela Price of Akron, S.D., who along with her husband, Roger, opened Akron Gold and Silver Sept. 3 in the front half of Koala-T Printing at 120 Reed St.

“My appreciation for older things came from my grandmother,” she said. “When you grow up around that, it stays with you.”

Antiques are something I’ve always enjoyed, said Price. “I’ve always been interested in better furniture and crystal.”

“Akron Gold and Silver is a retail business where we are selling fine antiques and estate collectibles,” said Angela. “We buy and sell antiques and collectibles, coins and graded coins, and jewelry — gold, silver, gemstones and diamonds.”

“If anybody has anything they think they’d like to sell, come in and talk to us,” said Angela.

“We are not a consignment shop,” said Roger.

“We have a limited amount of space,” explained Angela, “and we are only going to sell items we buy and know the history on. — items that we feel comfortable putting our name on.”

They will verbally share their opinions of an item’s value and conduct written appraisals for insurance purposes.

And as soon as the paperwork is completed for their federal firearms license, the Prices will be selling and buying firearm collectibles.

The store is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Prices will also keep the doors open on Wednesday evenings during the town’s Farmer’s Markets and possibly through the Christmas season if business warrants it.

“We’re also open evenings and weekends by appointments,” said Angela.

The business’ phone number is 568-4653.

Last week, items featured included folk art type marionettes, oak furniture, drawings, needle point work and early 1900 hand-stitched quilts, a parlor wood stove, Hoosier cupboard, Indian Head pennies, and several pieces of art.

Glass and dinnerware sparkles throughout the store under the lighting: a 1930-1940s chocolate pot, Noritake china, Waterford crystal, Ceskci Polish crystal, and figurines by Hummel, Lefton, and Goebel.

There is a “Wall of $75 or Less” art pieces including brands of Lenox, Fenton, Sorelle, Lalique and Delft to name a few.

“We’ll have new things coming in all the time,” said Angela, inviting all to stop by and check out the displays.

“We go to auctions all the time,” she said, “and if we see something we think will sell locally, we’ll buy it. We’ll see what sells, what doesn’t sell in this area.”

“We’re thrilled with the location — the very high visibility next to The Homeowner,” said Angela. “We’re happy to be a part of a growth in new business.”

“For us, it’s kind of an evolution in our lives,” said Angela. “We’ve been very blessed — all our children, a healthy insurance business, and as Roger semi-retires, this is something he enjoys and I enjoy as well. It’s a natural evolution in our lives.”

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