Spring D.C trip options weighed, stays seniors

Posted September 25, 2013 at 9:28 pm

West Sioux High School Seniors’ Senior Trip will stay just that in 2014.

Grades 6-12 Principal Ryan Kramer had originally suggested to the school board that the traditional Senior Trip to Washington, D.C. this spring be opened up to juniors as a way to reduce cost possibly up to $100 a student. But after research the trip will be for seniors the Class of 2014 as has been done in the past.

“We have 22 of the 35 senior class members who are going with six still on the fence. It is a pretty good percentage out of the senior class who are going,” said Kramer.

Kramer said the cost of the senior trip to the nation’s capital, which takes one and one-half days by bus, is rising each year.

“No one has said that they are not taking the trip due to finances,” said Kramer. “Many of those who choose not to go due to motivation that it is not a priority for them.”

However it may get to the point where it is not affordable. Plus if more than 55 wish to go another bus is added. Students raise about $800 each for the trip.

“It is an expensive trip. It becomes more challenging each and every year. It goes up about $50 each year. You have to see how fund raising is going. A large majority of this trip is financed through fund raising,” said Kramer.

“A lot of schools that I am aware of that take a trip like this take their eighth graders,” said Kramer. “We also looked at taking the Freshman class due to its numbers.”

Grades TK-5 Principal Carrie Thonstad gave a report on the fingerprinting effort at the West Sioux Day Care in Ireton.

“We have about 30 families and the parents will have their fingerprints in the system. It’s biometric so if the fingerprint matches then the door will be unlocked,” said Thonstad.

An exact start-up date was not available last week.

The Day Care and Elementary Schools have separate entrances.

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