AWYF includes three girls

Posted October 9, 2013 at 5:00 am

By Steve Peterson


Alyssa Nemesio, Audrey Liebetrau, and Sarah Toben played in the A-W youth football league this season.

This year’s youth football season is winding down and at Akron-Westfield it was an equal opportunity for girls and boys this fall.

Alyssa Nemesio andSarah Toben play on Coach Brett Moffatt’s Third-Fourth Grade Team and Audrey Liebetrau plays on Coach Steve Liebetrau’s Third-Fourth Grade Team. “Alyssa wanted to play in second grade but I told her she had to wait one year,” said Tony Nemesio, her dad and a coach.

Alyssa said she has gotten in some hard hits and likes the sport. All three are waiting for their first interception on defense.

“(Audrey) likes to play football,” said coach and dad Steve Liebetrau.

Both teams were without a win after three games but the enthusiasm was strong at the start of another of the twice-weekly practices.

Parents, coaches and players all said it has been a fun experience for the girls. Nemesio plays center on offense and all three play in the secondary on defense.

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