Aruuke Dadieva

Posted October 17, 2013 at 5:00 am


by: Alec Heeren, student reporter

Aruuke Adylbekovna Dadieva is from Kyrgyzstan. She is currently staying with Alesia Larson and Cassidy Keleher.

Aruuke’s birthday is April 25, 1998.

Aruuke has an older twenty-three year old sister Beka, who works at her mother’s clothing business. She also has a three year old white and yellow dog named Chow Chow who is really funny and fluffy.

What Aruuke likes most about the United States is her host family. Her favorite American foods are pizza and strawberry rolls.

Aruuke chose to be a foreign exchange student because she wanted to live in the U.S.A., she likes to travel, and wants to learn better English.

Other than English, Aruuke is able to speak Russian, French, and Kyrgyz, and is also studying Spanish.

Aruuke’s hobbies include photography, American Cinema, shopping, and traveling.

The way America is different from Kyrgyzstan is the food, language, and clothing. Also, 80% of all people live in apartments, not houses; Akron is small compared to the capital, Bishkek.

Some customs in Kyrgyzstan that are different than America is that most people there are Muslim and do not eat pork. They also do not celebrate Christmas, instead they celebrate New Years and give gifts.

Her favorite subject at school here is keyboarding because her teacher is nice.

The way school is different in Kyrgyzstan is that it starts early in the day and she studies twenty-three subjects in total. They also have school six days a week with different vacation days.

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