Posted October 17, 2013 at 5:00 am

by: Alec Heeren, student reporter

Bethany Jane Eastman, daughter of Dan and Carrie Pfeil and Scott Eastman was born October 5, 1995 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Bethany has three siblings, Natasia, Roman, and Sheriden.

Bethany’s nicknames are “Moose,” “Beth”, and “BJ.”

Bethany’s favorite childhood memories includes riding the bus home in the fall and riding in the combine with her grandpa during harvest.

“Moose’s” favorite sport is volleyball.

Bethany’s favorite pastimes include dancing, cruising in her jeep with the top down, and beating up Kayla.

“Beth’s” favorite movie is “Matilda”, while her favorite musicians are Bruno Mars, Shania Twain, and Katy Perry.

Bethany’s favorite saying is “Cowards never start, the weak never finish.” The people who inspired Bethany the most are her grandparents because they showed her the true meaning of hard work and how long love can last.

Bethany’s most memorable moment was when Eliza got stuck in the splits while playing the slide game.

If “BJ” could relive one moment in her life it would be the first day of kindergarten when Alex pushed her off the monkey bars, breaking her elbow.

When Bethany was younger she imagined herself as a doctor.

Bethany is currently unemployed.

“Moose’s” greatest achievement is participating in many activities. Bethany has no regrets about high school.

While in high school Bethany has been in dance, volleyball, and softball. What Bethany most likes about high school is going up the football field every Friday morning at 7 a.m. to practice a dance routine for that night and seeing her friends everyday.

“Beth’s” most embarrassing moment was when she passed gas on the carpet and blamed it on the person next to her when everyone knew she did it. Bethany’s favorite excuse for being tardy is, “Kayla pinched me, so I had to take her down.” Also, her favorite excuse for not turning in homework in on time is, “Kayla slobbered on it.”

If she could give any advice to underclassmen it would to be to try new things and to be as involved as you can.

While in high school, “BJ’s” favorite class was anything with Kent Johnson because he brings her goodies and she guesses he’s a good teacher.

After high school Bethany plans to attend a four year university majoring in athletic training.

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