Noemi Zardetto

Posted October 24, 2013 at 5:00 am


by: Eliza Kjar,

student reporter

Noemi Zardetto, a foreign exchange student from Germany, is staying with Josh and Brandi Myers during this year she plans to spend in the U.S.

Noemi’s favorite thing so far about the U.S. is the school system.

“It’s different in a good way,” Noemi said.

In Germany, Noemi’s school system has 5th-12th grade in one building. At Akron-Westfield, her favorite classes include Art and P.E.

“Coach Stick is really cool,” she exclaimed.

She mentioned the U.S. is much bigger and there is a lot more Mexican food. Laffy Taffy’s, Taco Johns, and taco in a bag, have been a real hit with Noemi.

During her time spent here, she’s enjoyed the football games and the school spirit the student body has been conveying.

Noemi will celebrate her birthday, April 20, while she is in the U.S.

Back home, she has three siblings; one sister, 30, and two step-sisters, ages 17 and 15. She also has a dog, a Jack Russel.

Noemi is familiar with a wide range of languages. She can speak German, Italian, French, Latin, Spanish, and English.

Noemi loves to shop and paint her nails. While living in Akron, she’s become active in volleyball and dance.

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